Team | Labs CF


Luca Spazzadeschi

Founder and Managing Partner

Augusto Lippi

Founder and Managing Partner

Gianluca Savoldi


Chiara Leoni​


Angelo Facciolo

Vice President

Elena Giacomelli

Vice President

Niccolò Baldacci


Luigi Rea


Francesco Battocletti

Senior Analyst

Edoardo Gariglio

Senior Analyst

Matteo Verzicco

Senior Analyst

Edoardo Buzzella


Valeria Re

Office Manager

Martina Pardo

Personal Assistant

In our team professionals and partners have a comprehensive experience and understanding in the following complementary fields:

LABS is able to provide all the necessary skills to effectively execute each project assignment, transaction and investment delivering the highest value to its customers. The expertise of our professionals originates from long-term previous experiences working at the top of top-tier global institutions in Italy and abroad.

LABS’ team is intensely committed to each deal providing senior advise, meticulousness, excellence, attention to details, flexibility and timely delivery in the execution of complex corporate finance transactions as well as in the assistance in the decision-making process required in any company’s strategic change.

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